Head-to-Head Combat Programming Action

Combat Programming
Card Game

Src:Card is a free Print and Play card game that lets you write code to defeat your opponents' battle robot core. A 2 player card game, Src:Card takes cues from actual programming functions, but the rules are simple enough for ages 10 and above. Build your own super robot core while attacking your opponent by writing code. ハッカー
Recommended by Teachers

But Not Boring

Src:Card is a coding course in a box. Used and liked by lecturers, programmers and students, Src:Card teaches the basics of programming in a tactile, entertaining and infinitely variable manner. A printed copy of Src:Card is one of the quickest ways to go from programming theory to practical (and fun) experience with the minimal use of resources. Whether you are 9 or 99, Src:Card is a great way to start programming. ハッカー
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